# PAM 1.08


These settings were pulled from an old guide for PAM 1.05. I have found them to be relatively accurate, but I am not sure what may be missing.

# Installation

  1. Download z_svr_pamv108.pk3
  2. Stop your server
  3. Create a folder in the root called PAM (in the same directory as main); alternatively, you can simply copy the file into the main folder
  4. Within the PAM folder, copy the file
  5. Copy the game.i386.so file from your main folder into the PAM folder (I am not sure if this step is necessary or not with 1.08)
  6. Update the +set fs_game parameter to +set fs_game pam

# Configuration

# Main Control Variables

Command Description
pam_mode ["string"] Controls the mode for PAM
svr_pamenable [boolean] Controls whether PAM is enabled or not


These settings require a map_restart in order to take effect.


When switching from League mode to Pub mode, you must remember that PAM does not maintain your pub mode settings unless they’re specifically added to the pub rules pk3 file. As such, you will need to either add your desired settings to the file, or create a custom config file containing all the game settings you want to use. After switching to PUB mode, simply execute that config and your settings will be applied.

# Warm Up Control Variables

Command Description
g_matchwarmuptime [integer] Number of seconds for warming up after map load/restart
g_roundwarmuptime [integer] Number of seconds for warming up between rounds
g_matchintermission [integer] Length of match intermission in seconds
sv_warmupmines [boolean] Enable/disable mine damage

# Halftime Control Settings

Command Description
scr_half_round [integer] Number of rounds before switching for halftime
scr_end_round [integer] End map when this number of rounds has been reached
scr_half_score [integer] Team score before switching for halftime
scr_end_half2score [integer] Team score to end the second half
scr_end_score [integer] End map when this team score has been reached
scr_count_draws [boolean] 0 = Replay round draws, 1 = Round draws are acceptable

# Weapon Control Limiters

Command Description
sv_noDropSniper [boolean] Allow a sniper rifle to be dropped when a player dies
sv_noDropDMG [boolean] Allow a deployable machine gun to be dropped when a player dies
sv_alliedSniperLimit Number of allied snipers permitted
sv_alliedSMGLimit Number of allied SMGs permitted
sv_alliedMGLimit Number of allied MGs permitted
sv_alliedDMGLimit Number of allied DMGs permitted
sv_axisSniperLimit Number of axis snipers permitted
sv_axisSMGLimit Number of axis SMGs permitted
sv_axisMGLimit Number of axis MGs permitted
sv_axisDMSLimit Number of axis DMGs permitted

# Bomb Settings

Command Description
sv_BombPlantTime [integer] Number of seconds to plant the bomb
sv_BombDefuseTime [integer] Number of seconds to defuse the bomb
sv_BombTimer [integer] Number of seconds before the bomb explodes

# Analytics Settings

Command Description
sv_showstats [boolean] Shows various match statitic analytics after each round/half
sv_showshots [boolean] Shows where a player was hit and by what weapon

# Overtime Control Settings

Command Description
g_ot [boolean] Determines whether overtime is permitted
g_allowtie [boolean] Determines whether a tie through overtime is permitted

# Miscellaneous Variables

Command Description
sv_playersleft [boolean] Shows the players left on the scoreboard
sv_pamsounds [boolean] Enable PAM sounds
sv_axisgoat [boolean] Enable goat osunds when bashed

# Message Center

Command Description
sv_messagecenter [boolean] Enable message center in pub mode
sv_msgdelay ["string"] Number of seconds between messages
sv_message1 ["string"] First message
sv_message2 ["string"] Second message
sv_message3 ["string"] Third message
sv_message4 ["string"] Fourth message
sv_message5 ["string"] Fifth message
sv_message6 ["string"] Sixth message
sv_message7 ["string"] Seventh message
sv_message8 ["string"] Eighth message
sv_message9 ["string"] Ninth message

# Modes

# Public Mode


Pub mode is used for all supported gametypes. Currently, the only supported gametypes are Search & Destroy. When a servfer is run in a gametype that PAM does not support, the server simply reverts to using the stock gametype settings.

pam_mode pub

# League Mode

Command Description
pam_mode cal CAL League
pam_mode twl TWL League
pam_mode twl_ladder TWL Ladder
pam_mode ogl OGL
pam_mode cb_ladder CB Ladder
pam_mode cb_opencup CB Open Cup
pam_mode ugs UGS League
pam_mode sta STA League
pam_mode sotf SOTF League
pam_mode ga GameArena League
pam_mode gotfrag GotFrag League
pam_mode mohi MOHI League
pam_mode esl ESL League
pam_mode sg Squad Games League
pam_mode ed ED League
pam_mode pg PG League
pam_mode bl Brit League
pam_mode ccodl CCODL League
pam_mode ig IG League
pam_mode r60 R60 League
pam_mode vg VG League
pam_mode proveg ProvenGrounds League
pam_mode jolt JOLT League
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