# Introduction

# What is Alukos?

Alukos is a small team of individuals dedicated to education and fostering learning within the online community. We have been working tirelessly to aggregate and create collections of notes with the sole purpose of assisting students in studying for and passing industry standard information security certifications. Our goal is to help you succeed in your career and your life.

Most notes are maintained by the following members of the Alukos team:

  • Michael Ferullo (opens new window) (xyeLz#1337 on Discord) These notes have been created and shared for the sole purpose of aggregating accurate information from reliable sources in an effort to facilitate studying for certification examinations.

Alukos also works on open source projects and is currently invested in creating a platform to allow gamers the ability to deploy on-demand game servers at no cost. This project is currently in progress.

# Can I help?

If you are interested in volunteering for any one of our several projects, please reach out to a team member on our Discord server (opens new window). We are always willing to speak with motivated and talented individuals.

# What should I do now?

Figure out if you are here to play or to study, then use the links in the top right of the navigation bar to guide yourself to victory!

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